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How does it work?

We at MingleWithMe want you to customize the events to your liking. You can select what type of events you are interested in participating in your profile. The event is about you

After you complete your profile, you will officially be part of MingleWithMe's mailing list. We at MingleWithMe will then try to find other people who have similar interests and preferences as you do. If we find enough people who align to your choices, we will contact you via email to officially invite you to speed meet your matches. 

We will personally invite people to purchase tickets before opening the event to the public. Consider completing the profile as being on the 'VIP List'. Invited but can't make the event? No worries! We'll still keep you on the mailing list and invite you to future events when we find more potential matches.

What makes MingleWithMe unique?

Good question. We at MingleWithMe value your input. Therefore we organize events based on your choices. You tell us who you are interested in meeting and we'll do the rest for you. Our goal is to have you meet other people in a fun, controlled, and comfortable environment. So if you get invited to an event, be assured that you'll be walking into a room with people who align to your interests and preferences. 

Is this just a dating service?

Absolutely not! Although we do host Speed Dating Mingles for singles only, we host other types of events as well. For example we host Speed Mixers, which are open for anyone to participate. Speed Mixers are customizable and great for finding new friends who share your interests and passions. 

Where does MingleWithMe operate their business?

We currently host all of our events in Charlotte, North Carolina. We partner with local businesses and venues and host our events there. However, we may consider other locations and venues in the future.

We only get 7 minutes? And what is ‘Mingling’?

‘Mingling‘ is all about casually meeting people without any strings attached. If you think you found your perfect match after 7 minutes, great! If not, don't worry about it! There are more people in the room waiting to meet you. After all, everyone has a story to tell. You just need to introduce yourself. So we’ll handle the introduction part, you just focus on ’mingling’.

How do I know that I got any matches?

For our Speed Dating Mingles, you'll fill out a card indicating who you would like to meet again for a second date. If you got any matches, we'll provide you with their email addresses. Our other events are more casual so it would be up to you to provide your contact information, business cards etc. to anyone you're interested in meeting again. 

Have any additional questions? Please reach out!

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Privacy Policy

We at MingleWithMe are the sole owners of the information you provide via your profile and email communication. You are not required to complete a profile to participate in any of our events. All information you provide is voluntary. Furthermore, your information will not be disclosed or shared to any third party entity.

You may unsubscribe to MingleWithMe's mailing list and/or delete your profile anytime by emailing us at ''. 

For the Speed Dating Mingles, you'll only be provided with your matches' email addresses. As for our other events, it would be up to you to share your contact information with anyone you meet at the event. Note that we will not be held liable for any interaction taken place outside our events.