Welcome to MingleWithMe


Network with More Structure

We get it. Networking can be overwhelming, awkward, and daunting in the modern world dominated by cell phones, instant messenger, and dating apps. So we have created a service where we invite you to speed meet your matches based on your profile. We put you right in front of the people who you want to meet. Who knows. Maybe 7 minutes is all you need to find your new date, friend, or business partner. 

Create Your Profile and Mingle With Your Matches

We define ’to mingle’ as the act of casually socializing with others with no strings attached. Timed rotations creates structure for our events so you won’t get too caught up in a conversation. We want you to at least meet everyone in the room and move on. After all, you never know what you can learn from someone in 7 minutes. So create your profile to let us know what type of people you are interested to mingle with!

More Than Just A Networking Service...

Win Perks to Share With Your New Connection!

Each event will have exclusive prizes/ perks you can raffle for and share with others. These perks include savings to local restaurants, activities, and other services (depending on the theme of the events). One of our goals is to encourage you to actually meet your new connections in person after the events. So we have a growing list of perks from our partners that we are eager to raffle off! As a plus, you can accrue raffle tickets and use as many as you like in any of our events. So create your profile so we can keep track of your raffle tickets!

P.S - As a special raffle prize, we sometimes even sponsor your second meeting or date!

Let's Meetup!

Do you want to learn more about MingleWithMe in person? Join our Meetup Group! These pop up, timed networking meetups are a great way to meet new friends and professionals and learn more about us. These events will be free/low cost to members (depending on the venue), have timed rotations, and will have raffle prizes as well!